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Welcome to the Weirdness

Well here it is pardner, the Weird West anew. Been out 'ere for a few y'ars now 'n seen some of the strangest bizarre thangs out there 'n it's finally time to tell my tale.
My job, Marshal, a hard but satisfyin' vocation with its ups and downs. My posse is a strange mix and has faced everythin' from walkin' dead to augmented cowpoke. They have persisted like thorn in my backside and have no intention of bein' scratched out...No matter how hard I try!!
If you don't know what Deadlands is, you're a tinhorn and need an education with some rawhide. If you not up for that I suggest you get yourself some readin' material, a good horse, a good gun, and lot of guts before you head out for the weird west.

Why D20?

Well the Answer is fairly straightforward, ease of play. Combat is more concise, and creatin' thangs to haunt and stalk the posse is as easy as putting back a cold one. Of course we miss some of the old stuff, but the new system allows us to mosey along a good pace. Of course there's nothin' like a good old tale, so I tell you It an't no sin bein' a book worm and doin' a little history readin' about the old homestead. Until the land owner behind it all get some more cattle out on the range this page well be your guidin' light through the turmoil of it all.

Tales Within

So here's a summary of some of the good stuff you'll find on this homestead. T' get there just punch here or the side bar or below.

Augmentations: Missin' your arm or leg, or just tired of the Last one? This is my largest corral so far, includin' rules for assembly, as well as prefab stuff such as mechanical do-hickeys, as well as batwings and a new heart if you lost one to a sassy femme de ghoul.

Lead Fodder: 'ere you'll find a few of my favourite monstrous creations thus far, cludin' a couple of demonic men like creatures, a king-sized abomination and couple other nasty critters. There are snapshots of some the fiends as well, sadly we couldn't pay the photographers

Shooting Irons: 'ere's a few lead throwers you might interested in, including a real man's revolver, an auto derringer, and even a real hand cannon.

Mystical Do-dads: Magical weapons to help you survive the worst the Reckoners can throw at you. Includes a smattering of native fetish items, a couple of Oriental blades, and a holy musket. As with all mystical gizmos, there is a price for these items that is much higher than just a few dollars.

New Lot in Life: So you want to take a new path in life, well here you'll find the augmented Pit Scrapper, the low down Danite Zealot, and ego ridden Noble Explorer as well as the new race Little Big Foot.

Hang 'm high

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